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Juan Manuel Mata

Master Sergeant (Retired) US Army

CEO, Quiet Pro Tactical LLC 

Vicki Gillis gets what First Responders need. When approached with the reality that an Arizona Police Department was dealing with defunding she volunteered to help. We were able to raise enough funding to provide the Police department with the training that they requested to be provided by Quiet Pro Tactical a small business comprised of three retired Green Berets. Vicki Gillis has our unwavering support for any position, especially within the city council. 

1LT Jeffrey Adams
United States Army (Retired)

Explosives Safety Manager

U.S. Army Redstone Test Center

I have known Vicki Gillis for almost 20 years.  We first met when she went out of her way to give appreciation to this wounded veteran while we were on an airplane.  I was heading back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center after a veteran's event and she wanted to make sure she could tell me, 'thank you for your service'.  In the two decades of friendship since, I have come to know her character, her drive, and her heart.  You will find no one more willing to fight for their beliefs and for the betterment of others than Vicki.  Her integrity, her morals, and her beliefs are uncompromising when it comes to improving the lives of others and that of their families.  Her tenacity knows no bounds and is only exceeded by her genuine desire to help those in need.  Her reverence and support of the warfighter, first responders, and her community have her always striving to empower and improve the circumstances of those around her.  She is a fighter that fights for others first, and herself second.  God bless Vicki Gillis.

Rob McKenna

Washington State Attorney General (2005-2013)

I met Vicki while campaigning for Washington State Attorney General in 2004. As the owner of a successful political fundraising business, Vicki worked hard to help me win my election, and then my re-election four years later. Vicki’s commitment to public safety, and in particular to our first responders, was and is exceptional. In addition to being an amazing community volunteer, Vicki is a tremendous organizer and leader. She brings people together, solves problems, and builds community support for common-sense solutions, whether on public safety or any issue she tackles. Goodyear would be fortunate to have her on its City Council.

Kamuela Kirk
UFC Fighter
Goodyear, Arizona

I’ve known Vicki Gillis for several years now.
I’ve seen the events she’s been involved with in the last several months trying to raise money to help fund law enforcement training (including swat teams) because of the defunding of the police. I’ve seen her in action and her follow through. She is an individual we can completely depend on and I fully support her run for Goodyear City Council.

Tom Gerlach
Owner-Triple Diamond Homes, LLC  Goodyear AZ

 I first met Vicki 8 years ago through a mutual friend who is a realtor.  I was renovating houses at the time and was just starting my new handyman business. I ended up completing a few projects for Vicki and she was very appreciative. We became friends immediately. Since then, Vicki has gone from client to friend to family. She is truly selfless and enjoys helping others. Her passion and undying dedication to first responders is like nothing I've seen. I've been to several of Vicki’s charity events in and around our community and she always goes above and beyond. I would support her in any office she decided to run for in the State of Arizona and know she would truly help make the difference.

Jade Neal

Society West and Copper Soul


I am a small business owner in the west valley and have known Vicki for over a decade. Her care for her friends, family, and community are unmatched. Vicki has been involved with numerous fundraising programs over the years and is the first to want to give and serve when help is needed. This sense of service will surely benefit the citizens of Goodyear if given the opportunity to lead as a member of the Goodyear City Council. 

Nick Visconti
Deputy Chief FDNY, (Retired)

I have known Vicki Gillis for twenty years.  I first came in contact with her shortly after the horrific events of 9-11.  At the time, I was a Deputy Chief of the FDNY and had recently taken office as a Chiefs Representative in the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.
Vicki reached out to me and to Steve Mosiello, a close friend and assistant to Peter Ganci, the Chief of Department.
Vicki was organizing a fundraiser with the Seattle Benevolence Association to benefit the Widows and Children's Fund for those killed on 9-11.  At the very successful event both Steve and I were asked to speak.  In attendance were members of the Seattle Fire, Police, Sheriffs Departments and the local community.
Vicki's compassion and refusal to take no for an answer on several issues affecting the FDNY cannot be denied.
Vicki is a person who will continually work hard and have true compassion for issues brought before the Goodyear City Council. You will not find a better candidate.

Eugene Moles

(Nashville Producer and arranger)

(Recording session guitarist)

I've known Vicki Gillis for years. Vicki is a good friend of mine. I've worked with her professionally and I admire her dedication to follow through on any and all projects she sets her mind to. I strongly support her run for Goodyear City Council. 

Bill Way

CEO, Live Free LLC

I have worked with Vicki on a few Political fundraisers and charity events in the last several years. She is always professional and extremely
successful in whatever she engages in. Vicki demonstrated her expertise once again recently by raising money for a retired Green Beret to train Law Enforcement in several Arizona cities. I fully endorse and support Vicki's run for Goodyear City Council and believe she will be a great asset and have a profoundly positive impact on the city.

Robert Kasper, DMD

Goodyear, AZ

I have known Vicki Gillis for well over ten years as a patient and active member of the community.  She is always ready to step in and assist when needed and I have personally had her help when she could see my business needed it. We have often discussed her involvement in local affairs, and I admire her drive and determination when participating. Vicki is well informed, level headed, and fair and should be an asset to any position she aspires – especially in government.

Eric Bushamie

I’ve known Vicki Gillis for over ten years now in business and I consider her a friend. I’ve known her to do exactly as she says when she’s approached by Charity’s, or anyone needing help and continues on with follow through until the job is done. Words cannot express the level of commitment she has, she aligns herself perfectly with the right people for the right cause. 
I have personally donated to her causes because I believe in what she stands for. 
I think Goodyear would be fortunate to have Vicki as a part of their City Council and I support completely. 

To everyone endorsing me and all contributors 
I am so grateful for all your support
Thank you so much!
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Let's Work Together

"The dangers that fire fighters face have dramatically shifted - increased rates of cancer, chronic exposures to traumatic events, and being directly in the line of 
fire in our fight against COVID19. My candidacy is built around shifting my focus to protect them from the traditional hazards and these new dangers. I’m a candidate that fights for those who fight for us.” 

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